Architectural film



At dublin tint we offer a wide selection of architectural window films available in a variety of colours and designs suitable for both commercial and residential applications. Thanks to our window films, you can dim the surface of the glass panel to any degree, and also make it a decorative element.

Some of the most popular window films we offer at dublin tint are:

  • Solar Control Window Film
  • Privacy / Decorative / Frosted Window Film
  • Glass Manifestations
  • Safety / Security Window Film
  • UV Protection Window Film

With the help of our expert consultants, you can choose the right Window Film for your particular needs.


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Professionally applied to any glazing, Solar Control Window Films provide a perfect solution to all solar heat and glare problems during the summer months and work as additional thermal insulation in the winter. Thanks to Solar Control Window Film you can reduce both: air-conditioning and heating cost in your office or home.

Benefits of Solar Control Window Films: 

  • Solar heat reduction (the reflection of up to 98% of infrared radiation);
  • Solar glare reduction (reducing glare by 80%);
  • Substantial reduction in air conditioning costs;
  • Near complete absorption of UV solar radiation;
  • Scratch resistant coating for increased durability;
Architectural film

Frosted / Privacy Window Films are the most popular method allowing to block the view into the room effectively.

While completely blocking the view Frosted / Privacy Window film still allows most natural light to pass through. 

Films of this type are widely used, especially in places where privacy is essential, and so in medical offices, bathroom windows, rest rooms, shower cabins, etc.

With Frosted Window Film, you can change the look of any room in an easy and cost-effective way.




Glass Manifestation is a legal requirement for some areas of glazing. The responsibility lies with both the building owner and occupier to ensure that Glass Manifestation is present in areas that require it, and that the Manifestation itself is sufficient and compliant with current legislation. 

Glass Manifestation is a fast, cost-effective route to compliance with glass manifestation regulations which can be installed with minimum disruption to a building’s occupants.

Glass Manifestation satisfies the requirement to make glass more apparent and improve safety. They can be in the form of circles, squares, stripes or even company logos.




Anti Fade / UV Window Films can be installed internally on all types of glass surfaces; recommended especially for exhibition windows, galleries, offices and residential buildings. 

Anti Fade / UV Window Films provide a clean, distortion-free view, rebound harmful ultraviolet radiation, protecting the interior of the room and the objects in it from the process of fading.

Most Window Films available on the market provide a high level of protection against UV radiation – usually around 99%. As a result, the process of fading objects in the room is much delayed.

Anti-Fade / UV Window Film applications are intended primarily for display windows but can also be used in private properties, if the only task of the film is to delay the fading process of furniture, carpets, wallpaper, etc.



When carefully applied to glazing Safety Window Film keeps the glass shards together in the event of breaking the glass surface, preventing it from splashing into small fragments and protecting against damages caused by breaking the glass.

The Safety Films are resistant to scratches and do not affect the visual aspects of the glass surface, because they are available only as colourless foils.

Safety Window Films are a great alternative to security window bars. Using Safety Window Film, you can effectively protect your property without negatively affecting the image of your windows. 

Safety Window Film is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to protect the window.