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At Dublin Tint we offer a wide selection of Solar Control Window Films  suitable for both commercial and residential applications.
Professionally applied to any type of glazing, Solar Control Window Films provide perfect solution to all solar heat and glare problems during the summer months and work as an additional thermal insulation in the winter. Thanks to Solar Control Window Film you can reduce both: air-conditioning and heating cost in your office or home.
Available in a wide range of colours and tones for both internal and external applications. With the help of our expert consultants you can choose the right Window Film  for your particular needs. 


Solar Reflective Window Films can make an incredible difference to the amount of solar heat & glare transmitted through glass. Typically up to 80% reduction can be achieved, vastly improving comfort levels, while still giving you optically clear outward vision in daylight hours.

These solar control window films give you maximum solar heat & glare reduction and also daytime privacy. They can hide internal clutter and give a uniform reflective image to your building.

Low Mirror Solar Control Films can make a big difference to the amount of solar heat & glare transmitted through glass. 

They are used where the end user, or specifier, prefers a more neutral appearance, rather than the highly mirrored look of solar reflective films.

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Energy Control Window Films offer great opportunities for energy savings in air conditioned buildings. They can hugely improve your carbon footprint, especially where there are large areas of glazing. The film applied to the glass rejects up to 80% of the heat of the sun’s rays before they enter the interior of the building. 

The air conditioning load is consequently lightened and the film is doing its work from sunrise to sunset.

The Low-E coating then reduces winter heat-loss through the glazed areas of your building, helping to reduce your heating bills thus improving your carbon footprint.

There is a large variety of different energy control films available, depending on the appearance the client requires.

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